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  1. Tactical Shemagh - Patterned

    Tactical Shemagh - Patterned

    Starting at: $4.99

    Multiple patterns and colors to choose from

    Measures approximately 42" x 36"

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  2. Tactical Shemagh - Traditional

    Tactical Shemagh - Traditional

    Starting at: $4.69

    Many colors to choose from

    Measures approximately 36"x36"

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    The 5ive Star Gear® Shemagh is a traditional Middle Eastern scarf that was adopted by military personnel operating in harsh desert climates. This versatile garment can serve many functions. Our soft breathable 100% cotton shemaghs provide excellent protection from sun exposure, harsh winds and dust. Built for battle, but these tough scarves can work well for civilian use as well. You can wear one as a fashion accessory in winter or as head and neck protection from the sun during outdoor sports or tough jobs. These shemaghs are rugged enough to withstand tough conditions, but soft enough for comfortable, all-day wear.;

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  4. Shemagh Multi-wrap


    A lot of places charge too much for similar products. We have a a good sized pile of these and wanted to offer them at a fair price. This particular one sports a classic shemagh design: black on a OD-Green base and now a new dark brown on dusty brown variant as well.

    Approx 9.75" x 21"

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  5. Skull Mask and Woven Coalition Desert Scarf



    Comes with one of our extremely popular stretchable tubular skull face masks and a woven coalition desert scarf.

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