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  1. 5.11 ® MultiCam® Boonie Hat

    5.11 ® MultiCam® Boonie Hat

    Regular Price: $32.99

    Special Price: $29.99

    • 65% Polyester/ 35% Cotton with Teflon finish, 6.2oz TDU Ripstop
    • Inside sweatband with wicking jersey fabrication
    • 5.11 & scope logo embroidered at side of hat
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  2. Brim-It Hat Clip

    Brim-It Hat Clip


    Show your support on any hat. Can be used on the bill, or on the side.
    Made in Texas of aluminum, anodized, and engraved, Brim-it hat clips will outlast your hat.

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  3. Mesh Tactical Patch Cap

    Mesh Tactical Patch Cap

    Regular Price: $9.99

    Special Price: $7.76

    The perfect warm weather cap for showcasing your patch collection!

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  4. Modern Musket Hammer Cap

    Modern Musket Hammer Cap

    Now available in 4 colors! Learn More
  5. Thin Blue Line Beanie / Watch Cap


    Keep your brain bucket warm while showing your support for the men and women that make up the thin blue line.

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  6. ReFactor Tactical Blasting Cap

    ReFactor Tactical Blasting Cap

    Regular Price: $28.99

    Special Price: $23.19

    The exterior features two 3.5″x2″ velcro squares on the front and back for adhesion of flags, morale patches or personal identifier patches. On the top is a 1″x1″ velcro square for your IR patch during night operations. In addition, we’ve added a 1″x1″ velcro square on the inside for IR patch storage when not in use. On the inside front panel is sewn a bright VS-17 panel for increased visibility when needed. Lastly, we’ve included the RE Factors of different explosives on the inside tape for quick reference for EOD, Special Operations or demolitions personnel.

    • 3.5″x2″ Velcro patches sewn on front and back for adhesion of patches
    • 1″x1″ Velcro patch sewn on top of hat for IR square
    • 1″x1″ Velcro patch sewn inside cap for storage of IR squares
    • VS-17 Panel sewn on inside of hat for signaling
    • RE Factors of different explosives printed on inside tape for quick reference
    • Mesh backing on hat for increase ventilation
    • Built on a FlextFit platform for increased comfort
    • Patches not included
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  7. Black

    Gen III ECWCS Level 1 Balaclava

    Regular Price: $8.95

    Special Price: $6.95

    The Extreme Cold Weather Clothing System, or Gen-III ECWCS is a protective cold weather clothing system created originally by the United States Army Natick Soldier Research, Develo...

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  8. Bullets & Bombshells Tactical Couture Trucker Hat


    From the Gun Range to the Ski Boat, this hat Has You Covered. Soft Heather Grey pairs with Anything and our Classic Huntress logo Takes It Over The Top. The Only Hat you will Need, it's both Versatile and Beautiful!

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  9. Bullets & Bombshells Molon Labe Crystal Couture Hat


    Our Crystal Molon Labe Collection Takes It To The Next Level!! This Hat Is No Exception! Timeless Black Trucker Hat With Intensely Sparkly Crystals Make This Piece Pure Perfection! Simple, Sparkly & Sexy, This Piece Goes With Everything and Everywhere! 

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  10. Tactical Shit Ear Pro Strap

    Tactical Shit Ear Pro Strap


    Available in ten different colors and patterns. 

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  11. Black

    Maiden Apparel iMatter Flex Fit Hat


    The new Flex Fit hat from Maiden Apparel!

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  12. Tru-Spec Contractor's Caps

    Tru-Spec Contractor's Caps

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Special Price: $17.95

    Designed to comply with the U.S. State Department's mandate on clothing for contractors working abroad. Loop attachment patches on the front, top and back to allow easy and secure placement of a flag, name badge, and glint tape. Learn More
  13. Neck Gaiter

    Neck Gaiter

    Perfect for cold weather, this Polyester Neck Gaiter features a 100% Polyester and Soft Fleece lining. They are adjustable to cover the neck, mouth and ears and can also be worn as earmuffs, headbands etc. Learn More
  14. Tactical Patch Cap

    Tactical Patch Cap

    The perfect cap for showcasing your patch collection! Comes with a Tactical Shit Gun Spartan PVC Patch. Learn More
  15. Shemagh Multi-wrap


    A lot of places charge too much for similar products. We have a a good sized pile of these and wanted to offer them at a fair price. This particular one sports a classic shemagh design: black on a OD-Green base and now a new dark brown on dusty brown variant as well.

    Approx 9.75" x 21"

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  16. MSM Logo Multi-wrap

    MSM Logo Multi-wrap


    This multi-wrap sports a dark brown MSM logo design done on a dusty brown base .

    Approx 9.75" x 21"

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  17. MSM Spartan Multi-wrap

    MSM Spartan Multi-wrap


    Features a repeating dark brown spartan design on a Dusty Brown base .

    Approx 9.75" x 21"

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  18. Watch Cap with Patch Panel


    Based the Army Issue cold weather / watch cap and modified it to be a solid patch platform. These are quality comfortable caps that are 100% synthetic, microfleece, no-pill POLARTEC 100.

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  19. Tactical Shemagh - Patterned

    Tactical Shemagh - Patterned

    Starting at: $4.99

    Multiple patterns and colors to choose from

    Measures approximately 42" x 36"

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  20. Tactical Shemagh - Traditional

    Tactical Shemagh - Traditional

    Starting at: $4.69

    Many colors to choose from

    Measures approximately 36"x36"

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  21. Sniper Veil

    Sniper Veil

    Starting at: $9.99

    Multiple colors to choose from.

    Measures approximately 42"x42"

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  22. MSM Skull Mask Multi-wrap

    MSM Skull Mask Multi-wrap

    Starting at: $9.99

    Most will wear it for the skull mask effects, but it can also work well as a hat.

    Approx 9.75" x 21"

    Learn More




    Learn More
  24. HMFIC Cammo Trucker Hat

    HMFIC Cammo Trucker Hat



    Learn More




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  26. 5.11 ® Khaki Boonie Hat

    5.11 ® Khaki Boonie Hat

    • 65% Polyester/ 35% Cotton with Teflon finish, 6.2oz TDU Ripstop
    • Inside sweatband with wicking jersey fabrication
    • 5.11 & scope logo embroidered at side of hat
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    Extremely light weight, comfortable to wear and easy to store making your outdoor experience even more enjoyable. This boonie hat zips up inside itself making it easy to carry in a pocket or pouch. A must have accessory for outdoor activities such as, traveling, fishing, paddle boarding, boating, hunting, camping, gardening and much more.;

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    Premium quality, breathable scarf designed for military and tactical personnel. Multi-function uses for the head, neck and face giving the wearer excellent protection from sun, wind and dust. Made from soft, moisture wicking and fast drying Drirelease® jersey knit that offers excellent odor control and superior comfort.;



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    The 5ive Star Gear® Shemagh is a traditional Middle Eastern scarf that was adopted by military personnel operating in harsh desert climates. This versatile garment can serve many functions. Our soft breathable 100% cotton shemaghs provide excellent protection from sun exposure, harsh winds and dust. Built for battle, but these tough scarves can work well for civilian use as well. You can wear one as a fashion accessory in winter or as head and neck protection from the sun during outdoor sports or tough jobs. These shemaghs are rugged enough to withstand tough conditions, but soft enough for comfortable, all-day wear.;

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Items 1 to 30 of 46 total

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