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  1. Side Plate Utility Pouch

    Side Plate Utility Pouch


    The Condor side plate pouch is a cost effective solution to adding side plates to your carrier.

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  2. Rip-Away EMT Lite

    Rip-Away EMT Lite


    The Rip-Away EMT Lite's compact  design is great to hold a complete first aid kit for a single person.

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  3. Single Pistol Mag Pouch

    Single Pistol Mag Pouch


    Single Pistol Magazine Pouch perfect for Single or Double stack magazines, a multi-tool, flashlight, knife, or more.

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  4. Roll - Up Utility Pouch

    Roll - Up Utility Pouch


    Holds Six M4 30-round magazines vertically

    Can also be used as dump pouch for shotgun shells, or other magazines

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  5. Single Kangaroo Mag Pouch

    Single Kangaroo Mag Pouch


    The Condor Kangaroo Pouch is designed to hold both M4 Mags and Pistol Mags in one convenient modular attachment.

    Comes in MultiCam or ATACS

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  6. Rip-Away EMT pouch

    Rip-Away EMT pouch

    The pouch is designed to be rip-away from the modular platform when needed, and the strap on the platform keeps it from falling off accidentally. Learn More
  7. EMT pouch-ATACS

    EMT pouch-ATACS


    Equipped with Elastic straps on the inside for bandages or tourniquets and dividers for medical shears, syringes, and other medical items, you'll be able to reach in and get what you need at a moment's notice.

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  8. Equipment/Medic Pouch

    Equipment/Medic Pouch


    This multipurpose equipment/medic pouch fits perfectly on our Urban Operator Bags

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