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16 inch M4 Contour 5.56 NATO barrel

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  1. 5.11 Grab Drag 11'

    5.11 Grab Drag 11'

    Regular Price: $32.99

    Special Price: $29.99

    A quick and easy web-compatible haul handle that affixes to any MOLLE or SlickStick System web platform, the 5.11® Grab Drag Handle is designed to attach to the rear of a plate carrier or LBE vest, allowing emergency exfiltration of wounded personnel. Crafted from durable nylon for a sure grip in any weather, the Grab Drag Handle features a fold-away design that remains low profile when not in use. Learn More
  2. IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)

    IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)

    Regular Price: $63.00

    Special Price: $49.99

    Individual First Aid Kit

    Learn More
  3. 5.11 3.6 Med Kit

    5.11 3.6 Med Kit

    Regular Price: $32.99

    Special Price: $29.99

    • Compact, secure, convenient
    • MOLLE/SlickStick compatible
    • First-aid specific internal pockets
    Learn More
  4. Rip-Away EMT pouch

    Rip-Away EMT pouch

    The pouch is designed to be rip-away from the modular platform when needed, and the strap on the platform keeps it from falling off accidentally. Learn More
  5. EMT pouch-ATACS

    EMT pouch-ATACS


    Equipped with Elastic straps on the inside for bandages or tourniquets and dividers for medical shears, syringes, and other medical items, you'll be able to reach in and get what you need at a moment's notice.

    Learn More
  6. O.F.U.Q. Medical Kit

    O.F.U.Q. Medical Kit


    The O.F.U.Q. for when you dont need a full blast med kit

    Learn More
  7. Compact Trauma Kit

    Compact Trauma Kit

    Regular Price: $54.99

    Special Price: $44.99

    NcSTAR partners up with H&H Medical Corporation to put together this Trauma Kit that includes their "POCKET Law Enforcement Kit" IFAK kit. 

    Learn More
  8. C.A.T. Tourniquet

    Regular Price: $29.99

    Special Price: $28.74

    The C-A-T® is a true one-handed tourniquet proven to be 100% effective by the U.S. Army’s Institute of Surgical Research. Tests proved that the C-A-T® completely occluded blood flow of an extremity in the event of a traumatic wound with significant hemorrhage.

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