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Shellback Tactical Banshee Elite 2.0 Rifle Plate Carrier With Elite Cumberbund

Shellback Tactical Banshee Elite 2.0 Rifle Plate Carrier With Elite Cumberbund

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Regular Price: $324.99

Special Price: $259.99

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(If your loading your plate carrier out with hard armor, loaded magazines, pouches etc.. You will be happy with this carrier - Specifically engineered to mitigate a loaded carrier yet have great comfort. You will not be disappointed - You will be comfortable) 


The BANSHEE 2.0 ELITE Plate Carrier (AKA Banshee 2.0) is here. This new unique advanced plate carrier was created from feedback and input from customers, military and law enforcement feedback on what they wanted to see in a plate carrier. The Banshee Elite from the feedback and several prototype designs was born. Unparalleled comfort, mobility and design. 

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Regular Price: $324.99

Special Price: $259.99


The Shoulders on the BANSHEE ELITE are fully adjustable and padded. Slightly wider than the original banshee the shoulders lay flatter on your body and have a hidden quick release buckle. The shoulders front and back have Hypalon material with 4 slits that is pliable allowing for easy access to the buckles. The bottoms of the Hypalon shoulders are not sewn down allowing for easier routing of comm wires or hydration lines. New Update - The shoulders include a set of our Banshee Ultimate shoulder pads with all Elite carriers.

The front and back of the BANSHEE feature 6 rows of PALS webbing and pile tape for flags and other identifiers. The interior of the front and back carrier on the body side are also comfort padded with 3D mesh sewn in an airflow pattern allowing for heat disbursement. Rifle plates are loaded from the bottom front/back and secured with a hook/loop closure. The drag handle on the BANSHEE ELITE is sewn through and secured down with hook and loop.

The front of the BANSHEE ELITE is feature packed. On the top of the front of the carrier is an Integrated Admin Pouch now with a zippered gusseted pocket to secure items This admin area allows for storage of small items, tools, batteries, chem lights etc. On the front of the carrier on each side are 2 vertical nylon sewn strips to accomadate QASM buckles to accommodate chest rigs. The front flat closure stops at the bottom and does not run under allowing for fast easy donning and doffing.  

The BANSHEE ELITE plate carrier comes standard with the BANSHEE ELITE Cummerbund that is removable and fully adjustable. The cummerbund has 6 interior pockets (3 each side) that will accommodate .223 5.56 AR Style. Fits all brands of magazines in this caliber.  The pockets have adjustable bungee pull tabs. Exterior and Interior of cummerbund have 3 rows of PALS webbing to accept side plates or other pouches.

Staying with successful concept of the original Banshee this carrier is One Size. Also standard is a secondary nylon strap system with quick release buckles (also removable) if the cummerbund is not needed. The front pocket of the Carrier has a hook and loop kangaroo pocket to allow for accessories and magazines. Accommodates Banshee 2-mag pouch.

NEW UPDATE - The back of the carrier in a seperate pocket from the plate pocket opens and can accept a 2 liter hydration bladder. Integrated option to add hydration.

USA Made-Full Berry Compliant - Backed by our No Questions asked Lifetime Warranty.



  • 500D Cordura
  • MULTICAM has matching webbing and loop/Velcro
  • Advanced plate carrier that is feature packed.
  • Extreme versatility with several PALS web attachment points covering the front, back and shoulders of the vest.
  • Fully adjustable and padded front and back shoulder areas. Padded with 3D mesh.
  • UPDATE - Banshee Ultimate shoulder pads included
  • UPDATE - Seperate pocket from the plate pocket opens and can accept a 2 liter hydration bladder
  • Hypalon shoulders with 4 slits for comms/hydration open at bottom
  • Two areas of loop for identifiers
  • Fits over soft body armor/Uniforms
  • Integrated admin pouch
  • Integrated kangaroo pouch
  • Elite Banshee Cummerbund (6 integrated pockets with Hypalon strips inside) PALS webbing interior/exterior
  • Front and Back interior of carrier padded with 3D Mesh sewn with an airflow pattern
  • Integrated nylon vertical strips to accomadate QASM buckles. To add a chest rig if needed.QASM Buckles not included
  • Heavy Duty bar tacking at key stress points
  • Wire, antenna or hydration hose guides 
  • Low Profile/ Lightweight
  • Quick Release Buckle secondary securing system
  • Drag Handle lays flat- Secures with Hook and Loop
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Plate pockets load from the bottom and will accept up to 10x12 Level 3 and 4 ESAPI OR SIMILAR PLATES and Plate Backers
  • Need Level IIIA soft armor - The Banshee Elite fits the Banshee Soft Armor package.
  • Lifetime Warranty


Pouches, magazine and other gear shown on the BANSHEE ELITE for demo only and not included with carrier.

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Customer Reviews

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Review by Blake
If you're looking for cons, there's only one: the price. However, If you can afford this carrier it is well worth it. I was upgrading from a Condor carrier that I bought at a gun show for a pretty good price. If I'm being completely honest there was nothing wrong with it. But of course I got TS's email about this new product and I was instantly having to suppress the urge to buy it. Now that the piercing pain emanating from my wallet is starting to subside, I am extremely happy with this thing. It is *insanely* comfortable. The included "super duper shoulder pads" really do a great job of cushioning the weight of a fully loaded plate carrier and the 3D mesh really does help keep things cool.

When I purchased the Banshee 2.0 I was using standard metal plates, and the Banshee holds them perfectly. However the great thing about these newer carriers is they're designed in such a way that they melt around ceramic/composite plates. The extra thickness that comes with those plates seems to disappear.

I'm going to go over all the features and design points one by one:
- The admin pouch is a nice touch but is kind of hard to open. This might subside with time, but as of right now I really have to pull to get the velcro to separate. If you don't quite have enough of a need for a full admin pouch but wish you had a place to store a few small items like an ID or paperwork, pens, batteries, tools, etc. than this will make you very happy.
- The QASM webbing was one of the major reasons I purchased this carrier. I have a Haley Strategic D3CR chest rig and wanted a better way of attaching it to my carrier. The loops are positioned perfectly, so what more is there to say?
- Because I'm using a chest rig I didn't buy Shellback's kangaroo pouch that allows you to store two AR mags inside the kangaroo/"map" pocket that almost always goes unused on plate carriers. I might pick it up in the future though to see if it will still allow a chest rig to attach correctly.
- The separate hydration bladder pocket is a seriously awesome addition. Instead of having a camelback attached to the back of my carrier I know have all that rear PALS webbing open for use. Now I have a Haley Strategic Flatpack attached to the back of my carrier and can carry much less extra gear.
- The way Shellback did the hook and loop on this carrier is genius and gives you a lot of space to attach patches and identifiers.
- The removeable secondary wait strap system is genius. If it's particularly hot out or you want to go lower profile you can remove the cummerbund and still keep the carrier tight to your body. The best part of this system is that if you ARE using the cummerbund you can remove these straps so you don't have superfluous clips and straps getting in the way.
- The cummerbund is perfectly thought out. Having the potential to carry 6 extra magazines is a major bonus (although only the forward and middle pocket are easily reachable while wearing the carrier). Plus, it's done in such a way that using the mag pockets does not inhibit your ability to attach MOLLE gear to the exterior of the 'bund. My favorite feature of the cummerbund though is that there's PALS webbing on the *inside* as well as the outside. It's an extremely convenient place to mount knives, chemlights, or even a pistol holster. The cummerbund is also extremely comfortable and easy to adjust for just about anyone's size.
- The quick detachment system is great to have. It's nice to know that in an emergency I can strip the carrier off easily and quickly.
- The drag handle velcros down to the back of the carrier when not in use. Not huge but still nice.
- The shoulder straps have slits near the bottom and the bottom is not sewn down which makes routing hydration tubes, comm cables, or whatever else extremely easy.

I tried to make this review as thorough as possible, as dropping this much money on a plate carrier can be a tough decision. I am happy I did, and was really surprised how much of a difference a quality plate carrier can make. I really can't think of any feature or quality that I would want in a plate carrier that the Banshee 2.0 does not offer. (Posted on 11/14/16)

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