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  1. Black

    VAULTEK VT20I Bluetooth Biometric Smart Safe


    A gunsafe with biometric and bluetooth access!

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  2. VAULTEK VT20 Bluetooth Enabled Smart Safe


    Bluetooth enabled smart safe!

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  3. VAULTEK PROVTi Bluetooth Biometric Smart Safe

    VAULTEK PROVTi Bluetooth Biometric Smart Safe


    The Vaultek™ Pro Models combine the best of all we have currently created. We have elevated the playing field and are introducing the worlds smartest and toughest gun safe. Our goal when we set out was to design a safe that was powerful and incredibly secure. We knew we couldn’t just improve upon the safes that already existed in the market place. We had to start from scratch. To build something as beautiful as the PRO VTi, you have to re-imagine what a gun safe can do. The Vaultek™ Pro series is absolutely revolutionary. We didn’t just think of what it would look like, we thought about every possible function for the true gun owner. It shows when you think about our new high-density closed cell foam. This foam will not absorb any oil or moisture from your gun. It’s these details that matter. The Pro Series uses an all new app management screen, allowing you to enable modes like Dual Entry. We are implementing top security ideas into the gun safe industry. Our 5 point access system means you can customize and choose how you want to enter your safe. Take your pick from your phone, backlit 8-digit keypad, backup keys, biometric scanner, and for the first time the Vaultek™ Smart Key.

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