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10X12 Non-Ballistic Trauma Pads (pair)

10X12 Non-Ballistic Trauma Pads (pair)


Steel Defender non-ballistic trauma pads 1/4" thick, 10" wide x 12" tall. 

Package contains 2 pads.

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Not to be confused with Rifle Plates, Blunt Trauma Pads are extra soft armor added to thicken the vest, and help lessen the “blunt trauma”, i.e., bruising (or a cracked bone). that happens when a bullet is stopped by a vest. Even though your vest stops the bullet, it still hits like a sledgehammer – a Blunt Trauma Pad helps spread out this impact and lessen the severity of injury to the mid-Chest and the Sternum bone that is so vulnerable just under the skin.

Try this, tap the middle of your chest with your knuckles.... and then imagine the impact of a bullet pushing on the vest! Vests are NIJ certified WITHOUT a Blunt Trauma Pad and thus it is not strictly necessary, but we strongly recommend them.

*By purchasing Steel Defender body armor, I certify that I am of legal age, not a convicted felon and do not reside in Connecticut. Further, I am purchasing body armor for personal protective use and will not under any circumstances transfer. Steel Defender body armor to any known felons or resell this body armor in violation of US Export Control Laws. I intend to use this body armor for wholly legal purposes, i.e., self-defense and I have no criminal intent in mind.


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