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ACH / MICH / SCOUT D3O® Pad System

ACH / MICH / SCOUT D3O® Pad System

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D3O’s unique patented technology provides both enhanced protection and a versatile, flexible material for a host of shock absorption and impact protection applications.

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Made to Order

Constructed using D3O’s newly engineered Decell material, the helmet liner system provides extreme comfort and high performance protection which exceeds the required level of protection by 33% in the Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) tests at 10ft/sec.

The 7-pad system fits most ground combat helmets. Each helmet pad in this replacement/upgrade system features a unique geometry that allows the pad to fit the shape of the head and offers superior deceleration under blunt impact tests vs. market leading competitors.

  • High Performing
  • Features D3O’s patented technology
  • Comopsite Solution
  • Unique auxetic geometry
  • Fully customisable with hook and loop attachment
  • Lined with technical wicking fabric

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