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Adaptable Rifle Sling – ARS-1

Adaptable Rifle Sling – ARS-1

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Multiple adjustments make this sling very adaptable for any shooting environment. 1.5 inch webbing makes it easy on the shoulder. Adjustable to many different configurations including 2 point.
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Adaptable Rifle Sling tm – ARS tm

The ARS-1 adaptable rifle sling is an extra wide 1.5 inch rifle sling that enables micro adjustments on one side and rapid adjustments on the other side. It also has ambidextrous rifle disengagement points and enables rifle detachment without removing the sling. The ARS is super adaptable by just changing/adding additional attachments. The same sling can be run in various configurations including two point as well as attachment points like Mash, HK, and QD.

Made in U.S.A.
Berry Compliant.
Patent Pending


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