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Assaulters Gun Belt (AGB)

Assaulters Gun Belt (AGB)

Assaulters Gun Belt

  • Small fits 28-32"
  • Medium fits 32-36"
  • Large fits 36-40"
  • X-Large fits 40-44"

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Where the rubber meets the road, the Assaulters Gun Belt (AGB) is all about function. Accessed through a two-point, high strength metallic buckle, the AGB will facilitate combat equipped buddy drags. It can be integrated to the OAGRE™ for additional equipment space and also accommodate many different FirstSpear™ components that will help optimize it for the full spectrum of tactical and discretionary operations. Buckle is completely removeable from belt for routing through smaller pant belt loops.

Belt Width 1.75”

Buckle Width 2”


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