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XM42-M Flame Thrower

XM42-M Flame Thrower

For those that want to grab the world by the pu$$'s your shit

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The XM42 Modular is a complete overhaul of the original handhelf flamethrower that grabbed worldwide attention.  With all new billet aluminum construction and a fully customizable layout, this rugged and sleek design is configurable to balance personal perference.


  • clearing snow and ice
  • eliminating weeds
  • controlled burns/agricultural
  • firefighting
  • ground insect hive control
  • concerts and pyrotechnic events
  • bonfire starting
  • simply a fun display of fire

What's Included

  • XM42-M flamethrower
  • 2200 mAh rechargeable battery
  • battery charger
  • detailed user manual
Technical Specifications
  • Length:  26.3 in
  • Width:  6.7 in
  • Height:  18.4 in
  • Weight:  8.0 lb
  • Pilot Torch Fuel:  230g isobutane camping stove style canister
  • Pilot Torch Ignition:  Pusbutton piezo spark
  • Standard Nozzle:  .081" solid stream
  • Typical Distance:  30 ft
  • Fuel Capacity:  0.4 gal/ 1.5L
  • Compatible Fuels:  Gasoline, gasoline-diesel mixture, ethanol
  • Construction:  Aluminum, stainless steel, flueroelastomer, nylon
  • Standard Finish:  MIL-A-8625 Type III Class 2 hard coat anodized
  • Battery:  2200 mAh 3S lithium polymer with XT60 Connector
The XM42-M can be completely disassebled by the end-user for aftermarket Cerakote, upgrades, or replacement components.  It utlizes an electric fuel pump to emit fuel from the nozzle, which is ignited by a pilot torch mounted at the end of the device.
The system is powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (battery and charger included).
Simply fill the tank with your fuel of choice, ignite the butane torch, and press the trigger button to send a stream of flaming fuel up to 30 feet away.
The modularity of the flamethrower allows you to swap in a 60+ second fuel canister, or even connect the backpack kit that supports over 3.5 minutes of non-stop fire.

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