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Woobies 7.62 High Top

Woobies 7.62 High Top


Comfort For Any Action!

The 7.62, Woobies original style, is a simple High top, lace-up with durable canvas upper, metal eyelets and a Woobies Classic label.

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Woobies is a footwear company founded in 2015 by former Army veterans Matt Mrwik and Tony Aguiniga. To the Woobies family, important values to the company include the family first mentality and giving back to those who served our country. A backbone to the Woobies brand is to provide veteran charities with donations that help warriors in need and their rehabilitation to society. We understand that major efforts to provide support fail and there are simply not enough resources to insulate and not isolate veterans who served. We understand this logistical need and are proud to help out our nations bravest and best. Woobies also values and appreciates all the daily efforts of our first responders and the sacrifice they all endure. We support these communities with strength and pride. 
Woobies shoes are a simple, timeless and universal. The original logo was made in respect of the iconic military issued line item "liner, wet weather poncho." Including crosshairs for the "O" and a long rifle round for the "I".  The engineered design is not by mistake. We take responsibility for our product to be worn for a applications with comfort. This is where our motto "Comfort For Any Action" was born. The body of our footwear is constructed with durable canvases that are similar to what is familiar with the sails on a sailboat. There are deliberate drain holes on the arch of the foot placed just above the soles. It is imperative that our shoes can be wet and drain with ease.  The sole is low signature and built low in width for flexibility for dive fin applications. This also gives the customer a great "packing" shoe for any kit and makes our product light in weight and amazingly easy to carry in loads and packs. The trending is also low signature with minimum treading and topography for elusive counter tracking which includes second to none gripping on all surfaces. This is very important to us and valuable to our customers. In the near future, will provide many different color and trim options for anyone in need for a plain subdued look to a flashy and stylish posture. These shoes grab your eyes with excitement, style and versatility. We hope you will enjoy our shoes for a lifetime like we visioned. We are humbled to be a pioneer to the athletic, work and casual shoe space and industry. Fully veteran owned and supportive of all who put their ass on the line.

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