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Counter Strike Coffee Infidel Warhog T-shirt

Counter Strike Coffee Infidel Warhog T-shirt



Brought to you by our friends over at Counter Strike Coffee!

What do Muslim Extremists hate the most?  Anything that has to do with a pig, whiskey drinking, hard chargin, American Patriots.

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A label of Infidel has been placed upon the American people by these Muslim radicals, and have sworn to see us all to our deaths. Well…we are waiting.  If any of you are proud to consider yourself an Infidel, then this tee shirt is right for you.  It depicts our Infidel coffee character named Warhog holding up a 249 SAW and a bottle of whiskey.  This t-shirt was designed to let these Terrorist cowards know that we proudly wear the label of Infidel and will never cower to their sheepish threats.


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