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224 Valkyrie Custom Upper from TS Skunkworks Division

224 Valkyrie Custom Upper from TS Skunkworks Division

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We call this 224 Valkyrie build our, "hit a grand for a grand".  Built to reach out and touch things in inappropriate ways.  #Kavanaugh4supremecourt

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This 224 Valkyrie is built to our spec by a man who's masturbated on multiple continents, our own, Dynadeath Milberg.  Using the best parts, he's constructed an upper that will deliver the goods at a distance UPS charges $9.95 for, all the while under $1,000.00 

Specs below:

- Ballistic Advantage 18" SPR Fluted 224 Rifle Barrel

- Bootleg Enhanced Upper Receiver

- Fail Zero 6.8 SPC NIB BCG

- F-1 UltraLite 16.3 Handguard

- Fortis Hammer Charging Handle

- Fortis LoPro SS Gas Block

- Rifle length gas tube

- F-1 Flat Faced SS Compensating Brake 

*obviously the scope and mount are not included but they are listed below


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