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Tactical Shit "Dory" G19 Slide

Tactical Shit "Dory" G19 Slide

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The Dory is a spear used in Ancient Greece that became a symbol of military power. Giving Greeks the ability to keep enemies at a distance.  This is a LIMTED EDITION run of Exclusive Glock 19 Slides designed and tested by Sig Glockincolt at Tactical Shit in collaboration with Wiselite Arms in Texas.  Comes with a DEM Dimpled TIN barrel.  Sig hand picked every part that went into this slide.  

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Starting with a raw slide Wise Light Arms created a machining masterpiece.

Feature Deus Ex Machina Dimpled barrels, you choose the style! 

Deus Ex TiN coated Spiral Fluted guide rods

Custom back plate with a 3d Spartan helmet

and don't forget about the Suppressor height Trijicon night sights to top it all off.

Already cut for an RMR!

Just throw this complete slide onto your existing G19 frame, or build a PF940C


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