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Tactical Tomahawk | Apocalypse M48

Tactical Tomahawk | Apocalypse M48

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The Tactical Tomahawk - Apocalypse M48 is the ultimate Tactical accessory for your bug out bag. The Apocalypse M48 is lightweight to reduce carry fatigue, and features a wide, upswept axe blade for chopping, slashing and cutting. The Tactical Tomahawk - Apocalypse M48 axe head is made with precision cast 2Cr13 stainless steel, while combined with the backside spike, it makes for an efficient self defense and breaching tool. The blade is securely attached to a sturdy nylon reinforced handle with 30% fiberglass for reinforcement. Includes a nylon snap button sheath, however we are working on a kydex version. 3 3/4" cutting edge length tip to tip, 8” bl, 15” overall.
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