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"Spartan 300" - Slide Milling & Cerakote Package for Glock

"Spartan 300" - Slide Milling & Cerakote Package for Glock



Limited Edition Cut. Only Available for a Limited Time!

With a Spartan Helmet and Dory (Spear) immortalized in the top and side of the slide,  Molon Labe cut proudly into the side, and finished in 1 of 4 kick ass finishes!

Customize your Glock without ever leaving your house. 

ONLY $399

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Availability:In stock

This cut will only be available for a LIMITED TIME!

We'll send you a box to put YOUR slide in, then send it to Wise Lite Arms.

There they will work their magic creating an Epic cut and send it back to you in about 2 weeks*!

Available for Models: 17/19/22/23/31/32/20/21 

Available Colors: 

  • Copper Patina **Exclusive to this cut!**
  • Gold Battleworn
  • OD Battleworn
  • Titanium Battleworn

*Estimated time starts when Slide is received by Wise Lite Arms. Total turnaround time roughly 3 weeks.

***Depending on your model, final design may have slight variations based on size of your slide or factory markings.

***Cerakote work is hand-made, so it may look slightly different than previous coatings. 


Staked sights can not be re-installed due to design of the sight.


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