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Polymer80, 80% Pistol Frame V.1 (Black)

Polymer80, 80% Pistol Frame V.1 (Black)


 Build your own pistol. 

Works with Full Size Glock 9&40 caliber slides.

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The high level overview of this frame is it is designed as an 80% frame, and includes all the necessary end mill bits and drill bits, along with the Jig to assist completing your pistol project accurately. Most people use a drill press with a cross vise to mill out the product, many folks have drill presses sitting in their garages.The frame accepts Glock17  9mm slides, as well as the Glock 40 caliber slide. The Smith and Wesson 40cal slide is also compatible with the Sig357 barrel configuration, which essentially gives you 3 different calibers to choose from.

Unlike the Glock, this frame includes a uniquely extended beaver-tail, and most notably a super tactical 1911 pistol grip rather than the standard Glock styled pistol grip. Even better, this pistol grip includes a built in flared magwell for speed loading. This feature will surely be a favorite among competition shooters who require speed and accuracy.

What generation Glock products is the frame compatible with? What are the rails made out of?
This product is compatible with Gen3 3-pin components for Glock17, 22, 24, 31, 34 & 35. The system comes with a combination front rail and locking block made from steel.  

Are the rails polymer or metal? 

Front Rails are metal, rear rails will need to be milled from existing polymer. (Similar design to the 100% Ruger Pistols)?

What is the warranty on the PF940 80% Polymer Pistol Frame?
Lifetime Warranty against any manufacturer's defect.

How difficult will this product be to complete and do I need a drill press?
The difficulty level is low to medium, it does require mechanical aptitude, a drill press and cross vice.

Since the grip is angled like a 1911, is the pistol frame compatible with Glock mags?
The magwell is engineered to accept Glock mags only. 1911 mags are not compatible.

Are the pistol frames compatible with my Glock17 holster?

The current Glock holsters are not compatible with our 80% Polymer Pistol Frame. There are a number of Kydex Shops that will be happy to design you a holster.?

How many rounds can I expect to shoot with the 80% Polymer Pistol Frame?
The life expectancy is the same as any comparable polymer frame and depends on how well you maintain the product, and how much you use it. The product has a manufacturer's lifetime warranty

Finally, the areas that need to be milled out to complete this project include:

  • The barrel bridge
  • The top rails of the receiver
  • The slide guide rails

 Once completed, you insert the custom locking block which comes with the kit, it provides additional metallic rails up front.

Products Included in the "PF940" Kit:

  • Polymer Jig
  • 80% Polymer Pistol Frame
  • Drill Bits and End-Mill Bits Kit
  • Locking Block

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