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LE/MIL VKAF (Vehicle First Aid Kit)

LE/MIL VKAF (Vehicle First Aid Kit)


You never know when a medical disaster will strike Perfect for LE and MIL for Vehicle First  AId

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  • CLS Fanny Pack(1), Hand Sanitizer, Large (1), Pain Reliever Tablets in box/bottle(1), Antibiotic Cream Tube (2), Moleskin (2), Ice Pack(2), 3" Ace Elastic Bandage(4), 6" Ace Elastic Bandage(4), Trauma Dressing [Israeli] (4), 1" Tape Roll(2), First Aid Book(1), Eye Pad(3), Hemostats(1), Safety Scissors(1), Abdominal Pad 5"x9"(6), Casualty Blanket 84"x52"(1), Knuckle Bandage(6), Antiseptic Wipes(35), Burn Aid Pack(4), Butterfly Strips(5), 2"x4" Bandage Strip(5), Pair of Exam Gloves(2), CPR Mask(1), 1"x3"Bandage Strips(16), After Bite Wipes(3), Cervical Collar(1), Pen Light(1), EMT Shears(1), Safety Pins(6), Chest Seal(1), H Bandages or S Roll Gauze(4), 14 Gauge Catheters(2), QuikClot® Combat Gauze(1), Tourniquets(2), Airway Tube(1), Blood Stopper Kit(1) & Constrictor Band(1)

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