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Tourni-Kwik 4 (TK4) Tourniquet

Tourni-Kwik 4 (TK4) Tourniquet

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Easy to apply TK-4 compression strap features a strong woven elastic textile band (2” wide by 40” long) that provides incredible strength and flexibility. With one steel hook fastened steadfast (three thick hog rings per S-Hook) to both ends of the elastic band, and packaged in a small, vacuum-sealed pouch, TK-4 is ideal for stopping or slowing the loss of blood from a large wound.

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The H&H Tourni-Kwik 4 (TK4) Tourniquet is designed for front line combat environments where immediate first aid is more than just a necessity. Severe injuries in inaccessible areas demands trauma care that can be administered quickly, easily and effectively. The H and H TK-4 (Tourni-Kwik 4) is the one-handed tourniquet made to stop arterial bleeding quickly and efficiently from combat or accidental amputations. TK4 features a strong elastic latex band with two steel s-hooks. Easy to use, but durable enough for even the most traumatic injuries. Developed and engineered specifically for combat self-help: One-handed application. For the First Responder or Law Enforcement personnel on a mass casualty scene, it allows fast stabilizing treatment until help arrives. Packaged in a compact vacuum-sealed poly-plastic bag, ensuring long shelf life and providing small, easy storage.

  • NSN: 6515-01-578-6354
  • Package Dimensions: 2.7″ x 1.9″ x .9″
  • Package Weight: 2 oz.


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