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AR-15 Mag Well Decals - Mil-Spec Monkey, Zombie Hunter

AR-15 Mag Well Decals - Mil-Spec Monkey, Zombie Hunter


Comes with a free Flag Mag Wrap

Mil Spec Monkey Magwell Slaps work with any AR-15 Magazine Well. They are easy to install and really show some serious attitude. The slaps have no interference with the operation of your weapon, these AR-15 Mag Well Decals are like Morale Patches for your gun.

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The mil-spec Made in the USA vinyl AR-15 mag well decals, aka "Slaps" offer superior UV protection, chemical resistance, protection from scuffs and scrapes and are completely waterproof. All Slaps are finished in a non-reflective matte outer coating. They can be placed over each other if need be for an immediate mission profile change and leave zero residue if removed.


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