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O.F.U.Q. Medical Kit

O.F.U.Q. Medical Kit


The O.F.U.Q. for when you dont need a full blast med kit

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OFUCK Did I really just let the slide bite my hand? this med kit is perfect for those kinds of emergencies

The O.F.U.Q.(Open. Fast. Use. Quickly.) for when you need a med kit for those minor emergencies.

Not every emergency requires a full blast med kit. This gives you the essentials to then build on with everything you need.

If you are looking for a full medical SHTF Kit then you would want our OSHIT Medical Kit

The O.F.U.Q. has what you need in an emergency, and is packaged in our  Large MOLLE Medic Pouch. This kit includes a blood-stopper kit, bandage, sterile sponge, tweezers, EMT shears abdominal pad, and more!   


    • Bleedstop bandage
    • 3" Cohesive bandage
    • 4" X 4" sterile sponge
    • 16: 3" X 1" bandage strips
    • 5" X 9" abdominal pad
    • Burn gel package
    • First aid instructions
    • Stainless steel tweezers
    • EMT shears
    • 6: Safety pins
    • Pair of latex gloves
    • 2: Ammonia inhalants
    • BZK wipes
    • Triangular bandage
    • 5: Butterfly closure strips
    • Latex tourniquet
    • Tape

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