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Kilroy Was Here Interlocking PVC patch

Kilroy Was Here Interlocking PVC patch

Kilroy Was Here 3D patch features an industry first interlocing 2-part patch based on a rivet counter during WWII.  Glow in the dark patch available in WWII OD Green and Black

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Interlocking Kilroy Patch (Glow in the Dark)

Kilroy Patch Details:

  • World’s first interlocking Morale Patch (IMP)
  • Two, independent, velcro hook backed, soft PVC patches that fit together like a puzzle
  • Available in Black and WWII OD Green
  • Kilroy glows in the dark
  • Patches can be worn/displayed separately or together
  • guaranteed to make your patch collecting friends jealous

About Kilroy:

Kilroy was a rivet counter during WWII. Apparently, Kiroy found out that his chalk marks were being erased and therefore riveters (like Rosie) were being paid twice. Kilroy then started leaving his iconic “Kilroy Was Here” mark so that there was no question regarding the rivet count.

Subsequently, GIs heading overseas, would see the markings on the bulkheads of unpainted ship interiors and the rest was history……. more information can be found at wikipedia


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