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Kilo727 Breacher Belt

Kilo727 Breacher Belt

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The Kilo727 Breacher Belt started life 10 years ago and has been designed and re-designed by SF guys the whole time. Over those 10 years in a near constant combat environment the belt has been refined to what it is today.

Super light, super strong, and everything it needs to be without any excess stuff.


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The Kilo727 Breacher Belt features a stiffer body to accommodate shooters that need to place gear around the entire belt, including competition shooters, law enforcement officers, and of course, breachers.   

Although enlarged to a 2" tall form factor to support additional accessories, comfort and functionality remain at the heart of the Breacher Belt™ design. The AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle is narrower than the rest of the belt to avoid rubbing and is offset to the side of the shooters holster to prevent the buckles of the inner and outer belts from laying on top of one another. The addition of scuba webbing wrapped in the layers of Type 27 and Type 17 nylon provide additional rigidity to support as much equipment as possible. Meanwhile, the Type 27 nylon retention point remains in back should the user need to hook into or onto a platform.

The Outer Belt is designed and manufactured in the USA and all sewing is Berry Compliant. The belt uses T-90 and 3 cord Parachute weight thread as well as a 5-point auto-pattern stitch at all load bearing points. Reinforcement bands stiffen the belt where needed and all corners are hot-cut to ensure sealed ends and to eliminate frayed edges.

The Kilo727 Inner Belt is designed to replace your pants belt allowing your outer belt (Assaulter Belt or Breacher Belt) to be taken on and off with ease. It is not designed as a stand-alone belt for mounting holsters or equipment.
The Inner Belt is a slim and lightweight inner belt designed for use with our Assaulter Belt and/or Breacher Belt.  Designed by US Special Operations Veterans, the inner belt features ventilated, anti-microbial, moister wicking mesh material to maximize comfort, as well as Duragrip HPT Pile tape with which to easily and quickly attach the outer belt.  At 1.7" wide, it fits all types of belt loops and meets Army regulations for use as a trouser belt.
Outer Belt:
Belt Width: 2.0 in (5.08 cm)
Length:   varies
Weight:    11.2 oz (317.5 g)
Inner Belt:
Belt Width: 1.7 in (4.8 cm)
Length:   varies
Weight:    4.8 oz (136.1 g)
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