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M4 3-Mag "Ranger" Shingle 6/12 mounting system

M4 3-Mag "Ranger" Shingle 6/12 mounting system

Designed and developed for a specific FirstSpear user, this pouch holds three M4 mags comfortably and closer to the body than traditional MOLLE-style pouches. High-friction materials in key places provide additional retention and durability.

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Featuring the First Spear 6/12 attachment system.

Utilizing these pockets on FirstSpear™ 6/12™ platforms allows the wearer to achieve a weight reduction of over 40% without sacrificing performance and completely eliminates pocket shifting normally associated with traditional MOLLE/PALS style pockets. By removing the heavy nylon webbing, polymer reinforcement and metal snaps of the previous system, not only is weight reduced, but the overall profile of the pocket on the platform is significantly condensed as well, allowing improved signature management in all visual, IR and thermal spectrums. Patent Pending


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