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XM42 Lite Flamethrower

XM42 Lite Flamethrower

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Introduced as a more budget friendly option, the XM42 Lite™ looks to bring handheld flamethrowers to those unable or unwilling to spend what it takes to obtain a full featured XM42-M.

With an all-new miniaturized design, the Lite™ is light, but packs the same punch as the original XM42™ at a significantly reduced cost

*Expected to ship the second week of March.


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The world's most affordable REAL Flamethrower!
The XM42 Lite utilizes an electric fuel pump to emit fuel from the nozzle, which is ignited by a pilot torch mounted at the end of the device.  The system is powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (battery and charger included).  Simply fill the tank with your fuel of choice, ignite the butane torch, and press the trigger button to send a stream of flaming fuel up to 25 feet away.
  • Legal in 48 States (All States except MD & CA)
  •  Not a NFA item
  • No 4473 background check required
Available in OD Green, Grey, Red, Silver, and Flat Black
In Maryland, flamethrowers fall under the state definition for a destructive device and are prohibited to possess. 

At the time of this writing, we have read that: in California, unlicensed possession of “any non-stationary and transportable device designed or intended to emit or propel a burning stream of combustible or flammable liquid a distance of at least 10 feet” H&W 12750 (a)—is a misdemeanor punishable with a county jail term not exceeding one year or with a fine not exceeding $10,000 (CA H&W 12761). Licenses to use flamethrowers are issued by the State Fire Marshal.


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