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12G Shotgun Tri-Rail Weaver Mount For 1" Mag Tube

12G Shotgun Tri-Rail Weaver Mount For 1" Mag Tube

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Rail designed for 12 gauge shotgun tubes. Allows accessories to be mounted in the 3,5,6,7, and 9 o'clock position.
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  • NcSTAR’s NEW Shotgun Magazine Tube Rail Mount is design to fit onto most 1” diameter Extended Shotgun Magazines tubes.
  • When mounted onto you Shotgun Extended Magazine tube, this will allow you to attach multiple weaver & Picatinny style accessories to your shotgun.
  • The rails are designed so that you can attach your accessories like Lasers and Flashlight at any of the 5 angles that the rails provide
  • This can also be used on any 1” diameter accessories like flashlights, and lasers.
  • Mounts onto magazine tube with the two provided Allen head bolts. Installation may require user to disassemble shotgun barrel, magazine tube/end cap/ clamp.

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