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Comp Tac eVade AIWB LH Hoslter For GLOCK 19 23 31 Gen1-5 Black

Comp Tac eVade AIWB LH Hoslter For GLOCK 19 23 31 Gen1-5 Black

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The eVade Holster is designed for easy as well as deep concealment in the Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB) position. The eVade’s holster body is made of 100% aircraft grade Kydex which provides the smoothest finish for an easy, fast draw. The eVade is attached to your belt with a Tuckable Nylon clip that is gentle on belts and clothing while still being strong and gripping the belt tightly. In addition to the mounting clip the eVade is outfitted with a the Comp-Tac KICK. This Kick is attached to the holster and provides pressure against the belt causing the grip to be pushed into the body causing less printing and a more concealable holster. With smooth edges and a minimalist design the eVade will keep your handgun close, with no one being the wiser.

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Product Details: 
  • Appendix Inside the Waistband Design for easy access
  • Made of 100% Kydex- Gives a smooth finish for easy draw and re-holster
  • Retention Adjustment Screw provides perfect holster hold for each user
  • Nylon Clip- strong design and gentle edges that will not damage clothing or belts
    • Clip is Tuckable allowing shirt to be tucked in over gun
    • Clip is height adjustable allowing gun to sit deeper or higher for Master Grip access
  • Comp-Tac™ KICK provides pressure allowing grip to tilt into body for better concealment
  • eVade™ is a minimalist design with smooth edges and gentle curves for ultimate comfort

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