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Dependapotamus Morale Patch

Dependapotamus Morale Patch


Beware of the Dependapotamus. Before you know it this creature will have a few children calling you daddy, and an endless cycle of re-enlistments and re-deployments to try to support them.

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The Dependapotamus Morale Patch -"You better salute me, my husband's an officer" ever heard that before? How about "Oh god, it's the hardest job in the military, you can't even imagine." Well, you my friend have survived a sitting with a Dependapotamus. They have a possibility to be dangerous, with all the attached rank, sometimes they believe they're the ones serving in the military. 

  • 3.5"x 3.1"
  • Pink Hook Velcro
  • Jody Not Included

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