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Edge Eyewear Dragon Fire Tactical Safety Glasses

Edge Eyewear Dragon Fire Tactical Safety Glasses


Features of Edge Dragon Fire Tactical Eyewear:

  • Tough, tactics-ready safety glasses by Edge Eyewear
  • Durable lenses with anti-scratch coating
  • Standard anti-fog lens coating
  • Tested for impact and optical standards
  • Meets Trade Agreement Act compliance standards
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Edge Eyewear Dragon Fire Tactical Safety Glasses can stand up to the heat of an intense tactical situation with style and power. These Edge Eyewear safety glasses feature a swept back, streamlined design that will be at home in any soldier's wardrobe. Built with durable polycarbonate lenses, the Edge Dragon Fire Tactical Anti-Scratch Safety Glassesutilize the same 3x Anti-Scratch lens coating that you'll find on all safety glasses by Edge Eyewear. Edge has also built the glasses with their Standard Anti-Fog coating to keep your vision crystal clear at all times. Keep your vision working hard for you with the modern protection of the Edge Eye Wear Dragonfire Tactical Anti-Fog Safety Eyewear.


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