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Glock .125 Square ECS™ Set (Enhanced Combat Sight)

Glock .125 Square ECS™ Set (Enhanced Combat Sight)


The Enhanced Combat Sight System is designed for fast sight picture acquisition and facilitates one handed manipulation when needed.

For individuals desiring more precision at distance, the .125 square notch rear sight gives you a little more light on each side of the front sight. The rear square notch allows the greatest amount of target verification and the thinner front blade enables excellent target acquisition at further distances. 

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.125 Square rear notch

.110 Wide Front Blade with a .060 diameter fiber optic rod

Sights are made from USA 4140 Chromoly steel

Finish is a Black Nitride

Combat Precision ECS™ sights are compatible with all Glock model pistols except: G42 & G43, MOS slide variants, subcompacts (e.g. G26/27/29/30/33/39).


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