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Fort Scott 45acp 180gr TUI Thin Blue Line Edition Tin

Fort Scott 45acp 180gr TUI Thin Blue Line Edition Tin


Engineered to Tumble Upon Impact™ and create a dynamic wound cavity, the unique, patented design of our 45ACP TUI™ pistol ammunition penetrates targets deeply. Even with a heavier caliber handgun, your life will depend on accurate bullet placement. Our 45ACP TUI™ projectiles are certain to incapacitate an assailant with fewer shots than any other ammo on the market.

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Add to your collection of limited edition ammo tins with our new Blue Line Bears tin collection. Blue Line Bears is a non-profit organization who helps the families of fallen police officers and first responders by sewing teddy bears out of the fallen officers uniforms.

For every Blue Line Bears tin we sell we will be donating $1.00 to Blue Line Bears to support them. 

Fort Scott Munitions’ (FSM®) ammo is match grade handgun ammunition that is designed to be extremely accurate and engineered to create a dynamic wound cavity.

Show-Stopping Performance
Accurate placement should not present a problem with this precision ammo. Fort Scott Munitions’ (FSM®) ammo provides impressive ballistic performance to ensure that your aim will be as true in a critical situation as it is on the range. When you need small caliber home defense ammunition you can trust your life to, Fort Scott Munitions ®ammo is a no-compromise solution, with stopping capabilities that even leading hollow point brands can not match. 

Hard-Hitting Home Defense
Fort Scott Munitions® ammunition delivers piece of mind in any scenario. Shot placement is key when lives depend on your ability to bring down a determined assailant. This ammunition will greatly aid you when you need to act fast and group your shots to target vital organs. When Fort Scott Munitions® ammo strikes your target, it will penetrate deeply, thanks to great weight retention. The Tumble Upon Impact™ action ensures more soft tissue trauma and cavitation than you would think possible from a projectile. 

Fort Scott Munitions® ammunition is constructed of 100% solid copper using the finest components. In situations where lives are on the line, you can draw your weapon with complete confidence knowing your ammo will not compromise your skills. This is the match grade ammo you need when consistent performance is essential. 

Will NOT ship to following statesIllinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, California, New York, Massachusetts, Washington DC, Alaska, Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Puerto Rico.


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