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Fort Scott 5.56 62gr TUI Brass 20rd

Fort Scott 5.56 62gr TUI Brass 20rd


Fort Scott Munitions’ (FSM ) 62 grain 5.56 SCS (TUI) rifle ammo is a match grade, solid copper projectile that is uniquely designed to Tumble Upon Impact™ (TUI) and provide critical terminal effects in any situation. Designed with military grade hard primers. Our #1 priority is for the safety of our customers. Slam fire is a slim-chance but we have experienced this in our testing.

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Hunting with Confidence While hunting, it is always important to find ammunition that won’t limit your potential. You may only fire off a few rounds per season but every shot has to be precise. The 62 grain 5.56 SCS (TUI) rifle ammunition is made from high quality projectiles, casings, powder and primers to give you dependable and consistent performance you can count on. This round of ammo is designed to maximize soft tissue trauma and to quickly stop your prey. The Tumble Upon Impact™ (TUI) design delivers a fast, humane kill that is ideally used for varmint control and hunting small to medium game. This uniquely developed, patented spitzer shape delivers superb precision in each round. Solid Copper, Ethical Ammo Because of its solid copper spun construction, you can use these bullets wherever lead projectiles are prohibited for sport shooting. You can target varmints and game that ranges from wood chucks to coyotes and hogs with self-assurance because of the strong terminal performance of the 5.56 SCS (TUI). These bullets provide a ballistic advantage that ensures you get the most from every hunting expedition. This makes for the perfect choice of ammo for smaller hunters and shooters. Self-Defense and Law Enforcement In addition to hunting, the 5.56 SCS (TUI) is also a great self-defense round. If you own a rifle such as an AR-15, this ammunition is an ideal choice. In any vital situation, you can’t afford to think twice. The 5.56 SCS (TUI) is also perfect for law enforcement to use. Its patented design to Tumble Upon Impact™ (TUI), ensures maximum tissue damage from a single round.

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