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ZeroBravo Alpha EDC Belt

ZeroBravo Alpha EDC Belt

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ZeroBravo partnered with Kilo727 to bring out the Ultimate EDC belt. Slim and lightweight, this belt features ventilated, antimicrobial, moisture wicking mesh material, rolled and sewn edges, a 1" Cobra FM buckle from AustriAlpin, and DuraGrip Hook Pile Tape to ensure comfort, durability, and strength  The Type 27 and Type 17 nylon are wrapped in Scuba webbing to provide additional rigidity to support your EDC gear. 


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This slim and lightweight belt features ventilated, antimicrobial, moisture wicking mesh material, rolled and sewn edges for additional comfort, and DuraGrip Hook Pile Tape for durability and strength.  Scuba webbing is wrapped between the layers of Type 27 and Type 17 nylon to provide additional rigidity to effortlessly support your EDC gear and features a 1″ Cobra FM buckle from AustriAlpin.  Backed by our limited lifetime warranty and made in the USA.  We are certain that the Alpha Belt will be the most comfortable belt you’ve ever worn!

Having been in the firearms industry for a number of years, we have noticed a growing propensity for manufacturers to overthink and over complicate designs and solutions while missing the small details that separate good products from great products.

ZeroBravo, Inc. was founded in 2014 with the goal of addressing unmet needs of the shooting community through simple and innovative solutions.  Teaming up with Kilo727 in 2015, we are able to take that concept and apply it to real world requirements.  In an industry dominated by 75 percent solutions, we simply go further.  There is no disconnect between the operator and the designer, because the operator is the designer and personally works with the machinists, sewers, engineers, and marketing team to create the product and get every last detail right.


Belt Dimensions:
Belt Width: 1.7 in (4.8 cm)
Length:   varies
Weight:    4.8 oz (136.1 g)

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