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SpecterDR Dual Role 1x / 4x Optical Sight (includes Anti-Reflection device)

SpecterDR Dual Role 1x / 4x Optical Sight (includes Anti-Reflection device)

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Now available in the very rare, Limited Edition FDE

Selected by USSOCOM for elite SpecOps mission, the SpecterDR™ dual role rifle sigh by ELCAN is reliable, amazingly bright and deadly accurate.

Whether the mission calls for clearing a building or open-terrain patrol, SpecterDR™ gives you both fast acquisition and long-range target identification.

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Ships in 1-2 Weeks

Now in the very rare, Limited Edition FDE

The unique locking lever mechanism brings you accurately back on target every time. The remarkably bright, clear ELCAN optics extend your daylight operations. Why risk yourself and the mission with red dot or fixed telescopic sights that do only half the job? Carry the one and only combat sight that switches between CQB and precision ranged fire mode - in the blink of an eye

Magnification 1x unity 4x telescope  
Length 153mm (6")
Width 76mm (3")
Height 76mm (3")
Weight 640g (1.41lbs)
Illumination Source Battery-powered LED (650nm)
Illumination Settings 5 intensity levels
Reticle 5.56, 7.62 STD
Eye Relief 70 mm (2 ¾ ")
Field of View 24° 6  
Axis Height 39mm (1.53")
Exit Pupil 8 mm (0.275")
Zeroing Range ±60 MOA
Movement per Click


Mount Capability MIL-STD-1913
Mount Attach Dual Levers
Rain Sights Yes, Modular
Aiming Point 6 MOA dot 1.5 MOA dot  
Operating Temp -40 to +65°C (-40 to 140°F)
Storage Temp -40 to +85°C (-40 to 180°F)
  - Waterproof:
  - Shockproof:

66ft for 2 hours min
450 g's
Battery / Life DL 1/3 N / Min 300 hrs @ max brightness
Finish Anodized with chemically resistant rubber casing


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