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Weber Tactical PCC Vise Block for Glock 9mm/40

Weber Tactical PCC Vise Block for Glock 9mm/40

  • For use with all weapons that accept Glock 9/40 Mags
  • Made of durable material
  • Preset angle to ensure the weapon is level while working on it
  • Great for cleaning and working on all glock magazine weapons
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The Glock PCC vise block is designed to seat into the mag well of you Glock Magazine PCC or glock pistol, especially useful when milling a Poly 80 lower.  This is an essential tool to work on or clean your Glock PCC rifle or Glock pistol.  The Glock PCC vise block is designed to work with any vise and fits all Glock 9/40 magazine rifles and pistols.  In most cases the gun will seat onto the block after activating the mag release.  Some forged lowers do not lock however the vise block functions the same.


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